Well its just over a month till we begin our surgical mission in Cebu. The team is in full swing organising all the last minute supplies & making sure the families are aware of our clinic. We will be at the Perpetual Succour Hospital in Cebu again in their soon to be completed theatres. We will arrive on the 10th & start setting up all our equipment & supplies. We will begin screening patients on Sunday the 11th of March & then operate on the Monday to Friday. We have most of the regular team returning for this years mission &  a few new faces to help us this year as well.

We are also partnering with our usual partners Better Smiles Brighter Futures – our American Team & AMRO who will help with arranging patients & many other important functions in Cebu. It is a team effort & we are eternally grateful for the ongoing partnerships in undertaking these surgical missions. We look forward to working with them all every year.

This year we will meet many new patients & will also have some patients returning that we met last year. Two of those returning are 2 yr old Samantha Vina &  3 yr old Analyn Saganay who both had their cleft lips repaired. This year they are hoping to have their cleft palates repaired. We can’t wait to see how well they have done with their lip repairs. Helping them & their families travel to Cebu we need to thank Katy Thornhill  & Imee Bijo who both help many families to travel to the missions from Mindanao. Imee is bringing another 10 children this year as she has done for many years now. Abounding In Love is another organisation helping to ensure children can receive the surgery they need by helping families to travel & stay in Cebu. Again we are very grateful for their involvement in helping the children.